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Mr Monkey at the Vyšehrad National Cultural Monument, 9th June

"Watchtower or baths - it's an easy mistake to make, I'm sure"

Mr Monkey looking at the Vyšehrad Art Gallery and the Baths of Libuše Mr Monkey in the Gothic Cellar

Mr Monkey scampered around the bastion and looked at the Vyšehrad Art Gallery, which is built on the remains of a medieval watch tower. Down the hill he could see the so-called Baths of Libuše, from which Princess Libuše threw her lovers into the Vltava. In real life, the 'baths' are the remains of another medieval watchtower. Mr Monkey scurried down off the ramparts and visited the nearby Gothic Cellar to see an interesting exhibition The Historic Faces of Vyšehrad.

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