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Mr Monkey at the Vyšehrad National Cultural Monument

"It's time to explore an alleged birthplace of the Czech people"

Mr Monkey had heard that Vyšehrad mountain was one of the most important sites in Czech culture, and that some legends claimed it was the first part of Prague to be populated*, so he followed the signs from Vyšehrad metro station to the fortress, so that he could see what was there.

* Pesky archaeologists disagree, pointing out that there were people living in Hradčany, the castle area, before Vyšehrad.

Follow the links on the images below to see Mr Monkey's visit to the Vyšehrad National Cultural Monument.

Arriving at the Tábor Gate Tábor Gate and Špička Gate Leopold Gate St Martin's Rotunda and Plague Pillar Our Lady of the Ramparts The New Deanery The Devil's Pillar Vyšehrad cemetery Doors of SS Peter and Paul Inside SS Peter and Paul Church and Baroque Armoury Statuary and Old Deanery Looking south from the ramparts Bath of Libuše and Gothic cellar Vltava and and Krejčí medallion New Provost's Residence Brick Gate

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