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Mr Monkey in Prague, 9th June

"He doesn't look very cheerful for a father of a nation, does he?"

Mr Monkey looking at the railway bridge over the Vltava Mr Monkey looking at the Frantisek Palacky monument

After leaving Vyšehrad Mr Monkey went along Rašínovo Nábřeżí, admiring the railway bridge over the Vltava as he scampered to find a metro station. When he got to the Palackého námĕstí he had to stop and marvel at the monument to František Palacký, the historian who is one of the three fathers of the Czech nation. When he'd given up trying to work out what all the people on the monument were doing, Mr Monkey scurried down into the metro station* and went back to his hotel for the night.

* Slightly strangely, the metro station in Palackého námĕstí is actually the Karlovo námĕstí station.

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