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Mr Monkey in Prague, 10th June

"It's a very complicated way of telling the time"

Mr Monkey looking at the Astronomical Clock Mr Monkey looking at the Old Town Hall tower

Mr Monkey scampered along to the Old Town Square, where he had a good look at the Orloj (Astronomical Clock). If you've got the right instructions you can use the clock to tell the local solar time, the time in Old Bohemia, the time in temporal (unequal) hours, the position of the sun in the zodiac, and the day of the year. There's an ordinary clock at the top of the tower for people who just want to know the time. Mr Monkey had been careful to arrive close to the hour, so after a minute or two waiting, he saw twelve apostles waving from the little windows above the clock. Mr Monkey was pleased to see that a sculptor had included a monkey in the carving around the calendar.

More about the Orloj.

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