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Mr Monkey visits the Cathedral of St. Vitus, 11th June

"Well, they've had long enough to make it presentable"

Mr Monkey walking along the north side of the cathedral Mr Monkeylooking at the apse of the cathedral from the outside

Mr Monkey left the cathedral and scampered along its north side to look at the apse from the outside. In 925 Wenceslas built a small rotunda to St. Vitus here; in 1344 Charles V decided to build a cathedral on the same site. Work stopped in the 16th century leaving a cathedral that was unfinished but usable. After various disasters (fire, Calvinists, Prussians, more fire) spoiled the work already done, work was restarted in 1872 and the Cathedral was completed in 1929. Mr Monkey reckons that's about 585 years they were working on the cathedral, off and on, and he thinks they did a rather good job overall.

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