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Mr Monkey sees the Best of Manchester 2008 at Urbis, 7th August

"This year we'll know who won before we see the work"

Mr Monkey watching Richard Cheetham get the music award from Luke Bainbridge Mr Monkey watching Naomi Kashiwagi get the music award from Peter Saville

Before anyone was allowed to see the Best of Manchester exhibition the winners had to be given their awards. The awards were presented by Claire Lomax, Luke Bainbridge and Peter Saville and went to:
Fashion : Simon Buckley of Rags To Bitches
Music    : Richard Cheetham
Art       : Naomi Kashiwagi

Mr Monkey was pleased to see that the awards were a very attractive bright orange colour. There were also special commendations to Naeem Bawany, Christopher Gray, Liam Hopkins and Daniel Clark of Junk Shop. When all the winners were clutching their awards, Mr Monkey took the lift up to Level 4 to see what they'd done to deserve them.

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