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Mr Monkey sees the Best of Manchester 2008 at Urbis, 7th August

"Maybe it's for three people who get on well together?"

Mr Monkey looking at fashion designed by Hasan Hejazi Mr Monkey looking at Nabil El Nayal's Six Sleeve Dress

The runners-up in the Fashion category were Hasan Hejazi and Nabil El Nayal. Mr Monkey spotted Mr Hejazi posing with his work, which is noted for its mix of textures. He was intrigued by Nabil El Hayal's Six Sleeve Dress which seemed to be interesting but inexplicable, mainly due to the above average number of sleeves it comes with.

You can read about Hasan Hejazi at the Hasan Hejazi website, and see Nadil El Nayal's work being worn at a graduate show at the Catwalking website.

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