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Mr Monkey at Southsea Castle, 28th August

"You don't often find a lighthouse attached to a castle, do you?"

Mr Monkey looking at Southsea Castle Mr Monkey looking at cannon in the courtyard

As Mr Monkey scampered towards Southsea Castle he was impressed by how low and squat it looked, and was a little surprised to to see that it came equipped with a lighthouse. In the courtyard he examined a pair of cannon. The barrel of the cannon on the right is a bronze 24 pounder from the Royal George which sank at Spithead in 1782 and was salvaged by John Deane, the pioneer of diving, in 1834. After he'd recovered thirty cannon, John Deane went on to start the first investigation of the wreck of the Mary Rose.

You can read about the castle at the Southsea Castle website.

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