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Mr Monkey in Portsmouth, 30th August

"It's a feast of fictional detection and more"

Mr Monkey in front of a picture of the Study in Sherlock gallery Mr Monkey in front of a picture of Conan Doyle's desk

Mr Monkey trotted along to Museum Road and went into the City Museum and Records Office, where he visited the A Study in Sherlock gallery. He spent quite some time learning about the life of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and all his writing, listened to readings of some of his short stories, studied pictures taken by spiritualists, and looked at a plethora of things - books, foriegn translations, comic books, games, film posters, cardboard cut-outs, and even TV adverts - related to Sherlock Holmes. Everything in the gallery was left to Portsmouth Records Office by Richard Lancelyn Green.

You can read about the gallery at the Conan Doyle Collection website.

Mr Monkey wasn't allowed to take pictures in the gallery, so the pictures above show him in front of the exhibition guide pamphlet.

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