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Mr Monkey at the Kew Bridge Steam Museum, 2nd November

"It's not too hot now, but they've only got the one boiler"

Mr Monkey looking down on the beam of the Easton amd Amos engine Mr Monkey looking up at the roof of the Steam Hall

Mr Monkey trotted up a set of stairs, and looked down onto the Steam Hall. He examined the beam of the engine built in 1863 by Easton and Amos of Southwark and used in the Cliftonville Pumping Station in Northampton. One end of the beam is connected to a crank to produce rotary motion, resulting in a machine which was more expensive to install but easier to maintain. Mr Monkey looked up at the roof of the Steam Hall, which used to be the main boiler room of the Grand Junction Waterworks Company's Kew Bridge site. There used to be seven boilers here, plus two in an annexe, and Mr Monkey was interested to find that the roof could be cranked open when it got too hot.

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