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Mr Monkey at the Kew Bridge Steam Museum, 2nd November

"I didn't think it was a chimney for a moment, you know"

Mr Monkey looking up at the standpipe tower Mr Monkey looking up from the base of the standpipe tower

The most noticable thing outside is the 197 foot high standpipe tower, and Mr Monkey was quick to notice it. Water was pumped up into standpipes in the tower and then fed into the reservoir at Campden Hill by gravity. This kept a constant pressure in the water mains; a loss of pressure if the water mains burst could damage the pumping engines, which wouldn't be a good thing to happen. The tower was built in 1867 to replace a lattice structure suffering from frost damage, and was restored by the Kew Bridge Engines trust in 1990.

You can see inside the standpipe tower at the Geograph website.

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