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Mr Monkey goes from Quay to Sea, 14th December

"There's a lot of metal there"

Mr Monkey looking at the Shepherd Offshore Services cranes Mr Monkey looking at the Titan III

Mr Monkey couldn't help noticing the massive cranes at Shepherd Offshore Services, and was particularly impressed by the big crane that had a smaller crane riding on top of it. Apparently it's known as the David and Goliath crane*. Further down the river, at the old Swan Hunter works, Mr Monkey saw Titan III, the crane that carried the Millennium Bridge up the Tyne to place it in position. In the distance he could see the observation tower at Segedunum Roman fort.

You can read about the David and Goliath crane at the ShepherdOffshore website.

* even though David threw stones at Goliath rather than riding piggyback on him.

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