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Mr Monkey in London, 12th February

"It's not quite what you'd expect to find in Hackney"

Mr Monkey approaching Sutton House Mr Monkey looking at the brickwork of Sutton House

On the other side of the church garden to the railway station Mr Monkey found Sutton House. Built around 1535 this is the oldest domestic building in London's East End. It's had various names over the years* and got its current name in 1953 because the National Trust thought it had been owned by Sir Thomas Sutton (who actually lived next door). Mr Monkey admired the patterned brickwork - "diapering" - of the Tudor front of the house, then went to see what the inside was like.

You can read about Sutton House at the National Trust website.

* Names for the building include : the bryk place, Milward House (probably), Milford House, Ivy House, Picton House, St. John's Church Institute and the Blue House.

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