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Mr Monkey sees UK Craft Mafias at the MCDC, 2nd April

"I reckon the bears and tea cosies are collectable rather than wearable"

Mr Monkey looking at an Asking for Trouble bag Mr Monkey looking at tea cosies by Molly's Mum

Mr Monkey inspected bags made by Asking for Trouble (Marceline Smith). He couldn't see why a range of bags and cards inspired by Japan would be asking for trouble from anyone. Then he looked at some tea cosies and plump teddy bears by Molly's Mum (Katie Pinkey). It's a collection of wearables and collectibles made with handmade felt and recycled vintage fabrics.

You can read about Marceline Smith at the Asking For Trouble website and about Molly's Mum at the Etsy website.

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