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Mr Monkey sees UK Craft Mafias at the MCDC, 2nd April

"A nice colourful monkey design would be a good thing, I think"

Mr Monkey looking at crocheted pieces by Ildiko Szabo Mr Monkey looking at yarnbombing on the bannisters

Mr Monkey looked at some felt and crocheted jewellery made by Ildiko Szabo and thought that if he had a lot of them it'd be a bit like a coral reef, only softer. Then he finished his visit to the UK Craft Mafias by scampering upstairs to look at the yarnbombing - wrapping the banisters in knitting - started by Artyarn. As he left, he started thinking up ruses to persuade Miss Carol to knit a strip for the yarnbombing.

You can read about Ildiko Szabo at the Ildiko website, about Artyarn at the Artyarn blog and about yarnbombing at the Yarnforward blog.

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