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Mr Monkey in Knokke-Heist, 17th September

"It's not just perspective, you know"

Mr Monkey looking at a long narrow pool Mr Monkey walking past a multicoloured hedge

Mr Monkey left Lippenslaan and went along some side streets until he arrived at the Ijzerpark, which appeared to be a large sand dune built on top of an underground carpark. In one corner of the dune he found Labyrinth and Pleasure Garden #23 by Jan Vercruysse, one of the three Beaufort installations in Knokke. Mr Monkey inspected the pool, which is narrower at the other end, then passed a multi-coloured hedge on his way into a sort of maze.

You can read at bit about Jan Vercruysse and see the layout of Labyrinth and Pleasure Garden #23 at the Xavier Hufkens website.

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