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Mr Monkey in Knokke-Heist, 17th September

"This is a rather pleasant place to stop for a bit, if you stay away from the damp"

Mr Monkey looking at a pair of monkey puzzle trees Mr Monkey looking at the water filled basin at the end of the labyrinth

As he ventured into Labyrinth and Pleasure Garden #23 Mr Monkey shuddered to meet the vicious barbs of a number of Araucaria araucana plants. The only thing that's ever puzzled Mr Monkey about the monkey puzzle tree is why humans think monkeys would be puzzled by the fiendish things. Mr Monkey scampered past them and found his way to the end (not the middle) of the maze, where he rested by a long curved basin. Then he set off back to the tram station.

You can read about the Araucaria araucana at the Kew Gardens website.

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