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Mr Monkey in De Panne, 18th September

"I'm going to pretend I didn't want to climb on it now"

Mr Monkey looking at a panel from Twin Stations Mr Monkey looking at Wild Shore Trilogy

In front of the tram depot Mr Monkey found fifteen rusty cast-iron plates left by Matt Mullican. Collectively called Twin Stations, they were covered with strange symbols, lists and barely legible writing. This apparently created order in the midst of chaos. Mr Monkey wasn't totally convinced, and scampered down to the beach to examine Wild Shore Trilogy by Jason Meadows. These little pavilions are based on those found in parks, gardens and the nearby children's theme park, Plopsaland. Mr Monkey was a little vexed to find that something so obviously meant for people to walk on had a sign promising that the full wrath of the law would fall upon any young monkey who dared to touch it.

You can read about Matt Mullican's work at Allan McCollum's website, and see some of his pictograms, photos and drawings (without explanations) at the Centre pour l'image contemporaine website.

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