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Mr Monkey visits Ten Duinen 1138, 18th September

"They're very detailed drawings, aren't they?"

Mr Monkey looking at the front of Claverton Manor Mr Monkey examining plans made during the archeological excavations

Back downstairs, Mr Monkey learned about the archeological excavation of the abbey. After it was closed down during the French Revolution the abbey fell down and was covered up by sand. It wasn't until 1894, when Isebald, the third abbot, became a saint, that anyone thought of looking for it. In 1897 parts of the ruins were found 3 metres under the sand, the main 13th century building was located by Charles Loppens in 1928-29, and there were major excavations between 1952-1980 and 1999-2003. Mr Monkey studied the display of artefacts retrived from the dunes and examined the plans made by the archeologists.

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