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Mr Monkey sees Home Grown at Urbis, 14th October

"They were always telling you that they knew what was good for you, those Weetabix"

Mr Monkey examining the sleeves of early British rap records Mr Monkey looking at a hip hop Weetabix character

Early Years 1983-87 details the rise of UK hip hop and the increasing numbers of small clubs providing venues for groups in cities all over the country. Mr Monkey examined the covers of some of the earliest UK rap records, and admired grafitti artist Artful Dodger's hip hop version of the Weetabix adverts of the early 1980s. Mr Monkey thought that the Dodger had modified the skinheads of the original advert for his own subversive reasons, but it turned out he'd been hired by Weetabix to give their image a street-wise makeover.

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