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Mr Monkey at The People's History Museum, 14th April

"Monkeys don't like clockcards, you know"

Mr Monkey clocking in to Gallery 1 Mr Monkey looking at the Tide to Time sculpture

Outside the entrance to Gallery One, Mr Monkey clocked in. He should really have kept the card to clock out later, but decided to rebel against the tyranny of the clock and forgot. Besides, the people on Anthony Bennett's Tide to Time sculpture next to the clock, who are all hanging from the hand of a giant clock, didn't seem to be enjoying themselves. Mr Monkey read the introduction panel, and found out that the museum was divided into different coloured areas. The colours chosen were taken from the symbolic meanings of colours on trades union banners. Mr Monkey led his humans into the red gallery.

Colour Subject
Red : Courage and revolution
Green : Reform
Blue : Loyalty
Purple : Dignity
Pink : Prosperity and peace
White : Purity
Gold : Ambition

You can read about Anthony Bennett at the Anthony Bennett Sculpture website.

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