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Mr Monkey at The People's History Museum, 14th April

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Mr Monkey found out that the old Pump House Museum had been reorganised, extended and reopened as The People's History Museum, so he decided to go into Manchester to see what they'd done to it, and to learn about the history of the people.

Follow the links on the images below for more about Mr Monkey's visit to The People's History Museum.

Outside the museum Cladding and cafe Mind-map and water tank Engine house Temporary exhibition gallery Engine house roof Connecting bridge Clocking on Revolution : Peterloo Reform : Tom Paine, Great Reform Act Sculptures Loyalty : secret oaths, early unions Loyalty : unions Dignity : box making, monkey poster Dignity : Independent Labour Party, Labour Party elected Interactive boxes and telephones Dignity : General Strike, 1945 Prosperity : National Health Service Prosperity : social unrest Purity : Union banners Conservation area Ambition : Footballers union, shopping at the Co-op Ambition : jukebox and looking at Salford The view from Salford Worker's Memorial in Preston Pumping engine at MOSI Peace statue Conservation studio tour

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