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Mr Monkey at The People's History Museum, 14th April

"We'll have to go to Preston to see the finished statue, I suppose"

Mr Monkey looking at maquettes for a sculpture showing workers being shot in Preston Mr Monkey in front of Stephen Charnock's screen

Mr Monkey couldn't help noticing some largish sculptures in the gallery. One group was a set of maquettes by Gordon Young for a sculpture in Preston depicting the shooting of strikers by militia in 1842. The other is a long curving screen made from COR-TEN so that it matches the outside of the museum. It's the work of Stephen Charnock and shows the people marching for freedom.

A few weeks later Mr Monkey went to Preston to see the full size Workers Memorial.

You can read about Gordon Young at the Gordon Young website and about Stephen Charnock at the Axis website.

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