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 Mr Monkey tours Manchester Town Hall clock tower
December 2012 - Mr Monkey pays a Christmas visit to the top of Manchester Town Hall's tower.
Mr Monkey climbs a lot of stairs to see a clock, a carillon, the backs of four clock faces, and a very large bell, then looks down on Manchester from above. (15 pages)

 Mr Monkey in Blackpool
September 2012 - Mr Monkey spends two days in Blackpool.
Mr Monkey takes the train to Blackpool, takes a tram to Fleetwood, learns about Fleetwood at the Fleetwood Museum, goes out in the evening to see the Illuminations and a Wild West tram, and plays a round of crazy golf in an art gallery. (19 pages)

 Mr Monkey in Southport
September 2012 - Mr Monkey spends a day in Southport.
Mr Monkey takes the train to Southport, learns about lawnmowers at the Lawnmower Museum, looks at plaques and old buildings, walks around the Marine Lake, takes a tram to the end of the pier to play a one-arm bandit and walks back to ride a carousel, and finally finds some statues. (17 pages)

 Mr Monkey in Blackpool
February 2012 - Mr Monkey visits Blackpool for the day.
Mr Monkey takes the train to Blackpool, looks at a Comedy Carpet, listens to the High Tide Organ, walks along the South Promenade and back, visits Showzam Central, and spends the evening at the theatre. (12 pages)

 Mr Monkey walks the Rochdale Canal through Manchester
May 2011 - Mr Monkey scampers along the Rochdale Canal in the centre of Manchester.
Mr Monkey starts at Castlefields and takes the most direct route possible to the Dale Street Basin, examining warehouses, locks and bridges on the way. (26 pages)

 Mr Monkey visits the John Rylands Library
April 2011 - Mr Monkey takes a self-guided tour around the John Rylands Library.
Mr Monkey examines the architecture of the most magnificent pseudo-medieval buildings on Deansgate, studies treasures in the Rylands Gallery, admires statues and stained glass, marvels at the Historic Reading Room, and sees one of the oldest light switches in all of Manchester. (19 pages)

 Mr Monkey visits Underground Manchester
November 2010 - Mr Monkey finds out what lurks beneath his paws in Manchester.
Mr Monkey learns about tunnels beneath Manchester, follows the route of a buried canal and ventures underneath the Great Northern to see a canal converted into an enormous air raid shelter. (1 page)

 Mr Monkey takes a Mancunian Canal Cruise
October 2010 - Mr Monkey cruises from Castlefield to Salford Quays and back aboard the L.S. Lowry.
Mr Monkey boards a canal boat, explores the Castlefield Basin, goes through the Pomona Lock, wanders up and down the Irwell and the Manchester Ship Canal, views the Salford Quays and returns to Castlefield. (21 pages)

 Mr Monkey tours the Stockport Plaza Cinema
September 2010 - Mr Monkey explores the Stockport Plaza.
Mr Monkey takes a Heritage Open Day tour of a magnificent Art-Deco cinema. (15 pages)

 Mr Monkey at the People's History Museum
April 2010 - Mr Monkey visits a re-opened museum in Manchester.
Mr Monkey learns about the history of democracy in Britain, and inspects the remains of a hydraulic power station. (26 pages)

 Mr Monkey in Blackpool
February 2010 - Mr Monkey visits Blackpool.
Mr Monkey sees sideshows and magic, sees the 2010 Heat the Streets festival, and finds out about architecture by Frank Matcham. (44 pages)

 Mr Monkey in Chester
December 2009 - Mr Monkey goes to Chester for the day.
Mr Monkey goes to Chester to visit the Cheshire Military Museum and sees a couple of towers and a Christmas tree as well. (9 pages)

 Mr Monkey walks the Macclesfield Canal from Marple to Wood Lanes
March 2009 - Mr Monkey walks along a canal towpath.
Mr Monkey sets out to walk along the Macclesfield Canal from Marple but only gets as far as Wood Lanes. (15 pages)

 Mr Monkey in Blackpool and Fleetwood
February 2009 - Mr Monkey visits Blackpool, and Fleetwood,too.
Mr Monkey walks around Fleetwood after failing to visit a museum, watches cars rallying by day and night, sees a Headless Woman and other sideshows, visits the Central Pier and sees a flame-based festival heating the streets of Blackpool. (40 pages)

 Mr Monkey at Dunham Massey
March 2008 - Mr Monkey visits the National Trust property at Dunham Massey.
Mr Monkey scampers around a country park, visiting a saw mill, an obelisk, a deer sanctuary, a stately home and some gardens. (26 pages)

 Mr Monkey tours the Bridgewater Hall
October 2007 - Mr Monkey takes a guided tour around Manchester's newest concert hall.
Mr Monkey learns about the Bridgewater Hall from the upper levels down to the springs in the undercroft. (14 pages)

 Mr Monkey visits Staircase House and the Stockport Story
September 2007 - Mr Monkey explores a 17th century house hidden behind a brick facade in the middle of Stockport, and learns about the history of Stockport.
Mr Monkey visits Staircase House and the Stockport Story, then has a refreshing snack at Blackshaw's Cafe. (23 pages)

 Mr Monkey at Nether Alderley Mill
May 2007 - Mr Monkey visits a watermill.
Mr Monkey investigates the Elizabethan watermill at Nether Alderley. (12 pages)

 Mr Monkey walks the Peak Forest Canal from Romiley to Marple
April 2007 - Mr Monkey walks along the canal towpath.
Mr Monkey walks from Romiley to Marple, inspecting locks and bridges on the way. (31 pages)

 Mr Monkey's Christmas Craft Trail
November 2006 - Mr Monkey is a bit early for Christmas in Manchester.
Mr Monkey wanders through Manchester's Christmas Markets, and follows a Craft Trail in the Northern Quarter. (11 pages)

 Mr Monkey in Blackpool
November 2006 - Mr Monkey spends two days in Blackpool.
Mr Monkey visits the Pleasure Beach, walks past the Illuminations, visits the Tower and the North Pier, and rides on several trams. (52 pages)

 Mr Monkey at Imperial War Museum North
June 2006 - Mr Monkey visits the Imperial War Museum North.
Mr Monkey takes a tram out to Pomona, walks along Wharfside Promenade examining art and bridges, then visits the Imperial War Museum North. (28 pages)

 Mr Monkey in Chester
May 2006 - Mr Monkey spends a day and a half in Chester.
Mr Monkey goes to Chester to go to the theatre, and finds the time to see the Old Dee Bridge, the Rows of Chester, Grosvenor Park, the church of St John, the Dewa Roman Experience, the Grosvenor Museum, and to walk around the walls before home time (45 pages)

 Mr Monkey at Old Trafford
October 2005 - Mr Monkey goes to a football match.

Mr Monkey watches a match at the Theatre of Dreams when the Bees of Barnet take on United (9 pages)

 Mr Monkey at BBC Manchester
June 2005 - Mr Monkey visits the BBC studios on Oxford Road.

Mr Monkey is interviewed at BBC Manchester, and tours the North West Tonight studio, various edit and transfer suites, a pair of newsrooms, and the GMR radio studios (19 pages)

 Mr Monkey on the Wheel of Manchester
December 2004 and January 2005 - Mr Monkey has two rides on a temporary big wheel in Manchester.

Mr Monkey looks at Manchester from a gondola on a big wheel, in the dark and in the daylight (15 pages)

 Mr Monkey at Quarry Bank Mill
August 2004 - Mr Monkey spends an afternoon in an old cotton mill.

Mr Monkey investigates some mill buildings, is deafened by working machinery, and sees the most powerful water wheel in England (14 pages)

 Mr Monkey in Little Moreton and Biddulph Grange
March 2004 - Mr Monkey has a day out at two nearby National Trust properties.

Mr Monkey visits black and white timbered Little Moreton Hall, a folly atop Mow Cop, and tours the gardens of Biddulph Grange. (17 pages)

 Mr Monkey in Glenridding
August 2003 - Mr Monkey went to the 2003 Potfest in Cumbria.

Mr Monkey visits Potfest, Glenridding, Penrith, Keswick, takes boat rides on Ullswater, Derwentwater and Coniston, and visits a pencil museum and a stone circle. (17 pages)

 Mr Monkey at the Museum of Science & Industry in Manchester
July 2003 - Mr Monkey visited Manchester, all of 20 minutes away on the train.

Mr Monkey looks at a Vimto statue, a Roman fort, some aircraft, steam engines, sewers, old computers, and rides an 1829 train. (11 pages)

 Mr Monkey visits Norton Priory
April 2003 - Mr Monkey spent a Tuesday afternoon at Norton Priory Museum and Gardens.

Mr Monkey examines the ruins of the Priory, runs round the grounds and looks at a walled garden. (8 pages)

 Mr Monkey in Clitheroe
September 2002 - Mr Monkey visited Clitheroe again, for a torchlit procession and fireworks.

Mr Monkey visits a small funfair, examines a Soviet missile launcher, then watches a torchlit parade and a lot of loud fireworks. (10 pages)

 Mr Monkey in Salford Quays
August 2002 - Mr Monkey took the tram to Salford, to see the Imperial War Museum in the North.

Mr Monkey looks at the Lowry Centre, spots a triathalon swimmer, scampers round the Imperial War Museum : North, then walks around Salford Quays before going home by tram and train. (10 pages)

 Mr Monkey in Cumbria
July 2002 - Mr Monkey went to Cumbria for four days.

Mr Monkey goes to Whitehaven, acts a TV weather monkey, sees some tall ships, visits Potfest, Glenridding, Penrith and Brougham Castle. (8 pages)

 Mr Monkey in Clitheroe
March 2002 - Mr Monkey visited Mr Rik's sister.

Mr Monkey wanders around the small town of Clitheroe, visiting the castle. (5 pages)

 Mr Monkey in Stockport
January 2002 - Mr Monkey visited the Stockport Hatworks Museum, and a fine visit it was too.

Mr Monkey visits the Stockport Hatworks to examine the many interesting machines used in hatmaking. (9 pages)

 Mr Monkey in the Lakes
July/august 2001 - Mr Monkey spent one weekend in Glenredding and another in Penrith.

Mr Monkey takes boat rides on Ullswater, and visits Wetheriggs Pottery, near Penrith. (6 pages)

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