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Mr Monkey examines a pump at MOSI, 25th June

"It's a very clean looking machine"

Mr Monkey looking at a pumping engine from Manchester's hydraulic system Mr Monkey looking at the electric engine  for the pump Mr Monkey looking at the accumulator piston and weights

Mr Monkey scampered along to the Museum of Science and Industry because he'd been told that they had one of the original pumps from the Water Street pumping station. When he got there he found that as well as the pump there was a very interesting display about the Manchester hydraulic power system including a map showing the extent of the system, examples of the pipes used, and one of the accumulator systems used to maintain the water pressure. The pump has been restored with the electric motor, built by the Electrical Construction Co. Ltd of Wolverhampton, which in 1927 replaced the original steam engine powering the pump.

You can read about MOSI's water power exhibits at the Museum of Science and Industry website.

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