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Mr Monkey outside The People's History Museum, 13th August

"Well, it wasn't there before, I'd have noticed it"

Mr Monkey looking at the Doves of Peace sculpture Detail of the Doves of Peace sculpture

When Mr Monkey went to see All Aboard exhibition at the Imperial War Museum North, he stopped on the way to breakfast at the Left Bank Café. He couldn't help noticing that a flight of 15 large metal doves had appeared on the corner nearest the People's History Museum. This was installed in September 1986, six years after Manchester declared itself the world's first nuclear free city. It's been renovated as part of the expansion of the museum, which is why it wasn't where it should have been when Mr Monkey didn't see it before*.

* The plinth was there, though, and can be seen in the just to the right of the museum in the first picture on the page of this trip.

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