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Mr Monkey takes a Mancunian Canal Cruise, 13th October

"This is the place and that's the boat"

Mr Monkey looking at the Castlefield Basin Mr Monkey passing a dredger in Castlefield Basin

Mr Monkey caught a train into Manchester and scampered along from Deansgate Station to the Castlefield Basin. He joined a group of people waiting outside the Castlefield Hotel and spent the time before the tour started looking at boats moored in the Castlefield basin. He spotted the tour boat, the L.S. Lowry, and what appeared to be a wood burning dredger. When he got on board the tour boat, Mr Monkey was glad to find that it had toilets and a bar for his humans. Soon, he was on the tour boat going past the dredger.

You can read about the cruise at the New Manchester Walks website and about the people who run the boat at the City Centre Cruises website.

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