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Mr Monkey tours the Stockport Plaza Cinema, 12th September

"It's a lovely looking building"

Mr Monkey outside the Plaza Cinema Mr Monkey in the foyer of the Plaza

Mr Monkey scampered toward the Plaza cinema, admiring its shiny white Art Deco styling, though he did think it looked a little unbalanced. Glazed white-grey vitreous terra-cotta was chosen when the Plaza was built in 1932 because it was resistant to the smoke from factories. The cinema is built into a cliff-face, and Gerrard & Sons Ltd had to remove over 10,000 tons of rock before building could start. Mr Monkey noticed a discreet Stockport Heritage Trust plaque about the cinema on the wall. He was impressed by the front doors and, when inside, found that the foyer was decorated with a sort of Egyptian theme.

You can read about the cinema at the Stockport Plaza website, about the Heritage Trust at the Stockport Heritage Trust website, and about heritage open days in general at the Heritage Open Days website.

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