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Mr Monkey in Southport

Trip date : 6th September, 2012
"I've not really seen the sea today"

Mr Monkey looking down the pier towards Southport Mr Monkey resting in a shelter on the pier

Mr Monkey set off to walk the 3633 feet back along the pier to dry land. If he'd been walking the pier in 1860, when it first opened he'd only have had to walk 3600 feet. In 1868, after it had been lengthened, but before storm and fire shortened it in 1933 and 1957 it was 4380 feet long. Even now it's the second longest pier in the UK, though Mr Monkey thinks that having a lot of the pier inland is cheating a little. As he walked along the pier Mr Monkey admired the light fittings in the metal arches atop the pier, then stopped for a rest in one of the shelters on the pier.

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