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Mr Monkey in Blackpool

Trip date : 20th September, 2012
"I don't think it ever really flew"

Mr Monkey looking at Tramnik One from the side Mr Monkey trotting towards a shelter on the promenade

Trotting along the promenade Mr Monkey came to Gynn Square, where he found the illuminated tram Tramnik One standing on a bit of isolated track on a roundabout. Tramnik One was first used in 1961, a mere 4 years after the USSR launched Sputnik, the satellite which fairly obviously inspired the tram's name, and was retired in 1999. It belongs to the Lancastrian Transport Trust now. A little further on, Mr Monkey came to a promenade shelter built around 1905. It's one of a number of Grade II listed shelters along the promenade, and Mr Monkey found out that it still works as a shelter.

You can read about Tramnik One at the Lancastrian Transport Trust website.

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