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Mr Monkey in Blackpool

Trip date : 20th September, 2012
"It really is exceptionally crazy crazy golf, you know"
Mr Monkey outside the Grundy Art Gallery Mr Monkey examining Pete Fowler's monster hole, with Brian Griffiths island behind it

Mr Monkey preparing to play the Chapman brothers' Hitler hole

Mr Monkey scampered in to the Grundy Art Gallery to play a round of Adventureland Golf, a 9 hole crazy golf course set up by a group of artists organised by Doug Fishbourne. Mr Monkey enjoyed Pete Fowler's monsters and was totally frustrated by Brian Griffith's desert island (which could only by conquered by blatant cheating. Possibly the easiest, most deliberately controversial and most entertaining hole was created by Jake and Dinos Chapman, in which successfully getting the ball through the dummy Hitler's lower abdomen resulted in arm waving and wailing. Mr Monkey rather enjoyed it, even though it was by the Chapmans, and would have worked equally well with any other figure.

You can read about the exhibition at the Grundy Art Gallery website.

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