Mr Monkey in Whitby

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One day, Miss Carol was saying it was too long since she'd last seen the sea. Mr Monkey showed what a generous monkey he is by booking a couple of nights in Whitby, despite the dangerous amounts of uncontrolled water you normally find at the seaside. This time, Mr Rik had to do the driving as well as the typing.

Follow the links on the images below for larger pictures of Mr Monkey's trip.

Bridlington Filey Robin Hood's Bay houses Robin Hood's Bay water Whalebone Arch Dracula's Bench Stoker's view Whitby Museum 199 Steps Whitby Abbey East Pier Swing Bridge Captain Cook Forbidden Corner More Forbidden Corner

There's a collection of pictures from this trip at Mr Rik's PhotoBox album 'Whitby and the North Yorkshire Coast' but Mr Monkey isn't in any of them.

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