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Mr Monkey in Brussels

Miss Carol had a conference to go to into Brussels, so Mr Monkey and Mr Rik went along too, to find out what there was to see in the city.

Linguistic note: Brussels is bi-lingual, with the street names and everything in French and Flemish. The French seems to come first in most cases, and Mr Monkey uses the French, except when he prefers the Flemish. Most people in Brussels seemed to speak French, which is a little confusing if you're asking for directions to the Grote Markt and the person you're asking claims to have never heard of it.

Follow the links on the images below for more details of Mr Monkey's visit to the Belgian capital.

May 11
Mr Monkey flies to Brussels from London City Airport, visits the Grand Place, wonders about the Mannekin Pis, sees some 13th century fortifications and a giant comic strip, then wanders around after dark. (15 pages)

May 12
Mr Monkey takes a train to Waterloo, visits the Mus&eacture;e Wellington and the Chapel Royal in Waterloo, goes to the battlefield to see the Butte du Lion, the Panorama, the Waxworks, a number of monuments and La Haie Sainte, then catches a bus back to Brussels and visits the Grand Place at night. (22 pages)

May 13
Mr Monkey visits the Parc du Cinquantenaire, the Royal Army Museum, the Parc de Bruxelles and looks at a palace. (24 pages)

May 14
Mr Monkey visits the Place des Martyrs, the Belgian Comic Strip Centre, the Museum of the Bank of Belgium, and the outside of the cathedral. (14 pages)

May 15
Mr Monkey walks up through the Mont des Art to the Musical Instruments Museum, takes the Premetro to visit Victor Horta's house, and goes to see the Canal Willebroek and some more giant comic strips. (11 pages)

May 16
Mr Monkey finds that Brussels is shut on Mondays, takes a train from the Gare Centrale to the airport and flies home to Manchester. (5 pages)

This trip was was preceded by a day out in Stratford upon Avon.

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