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Mr Monkey in Stratford upon Avon

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Mr Monkey's welcome to the third graders of Livonia Primary School, New York State

While staying in London, Miss Carol had to go for a meeting in the Midlands. Mr Monkey found out that one of the nearest stations to the meeting was Stratford-upon-Avon. So he decided that, rather than wandering around London for another day, he'd take Mr Rik to see Shakespeare's home town.

Follow the links on the images below for more details of Mr Monkey's trip.

Marylebone Station Hatton and Stratford stations Arriving at Anne Hathaway's Anne Hathaway's garden Anne Hathaway's maze Anne Hathaway's cottage Leaving Anne Hathaway's Walking to Stratford Guild chapel and school Nash's house Nash's House and New Place Nash's House knot garden The Great Garden Chapel Street Hall's Croft 1 Hall's Croft 2 Chain ferry Walking by the Avon Tramway Bridge Shakespeare's statue Stratford streets Henley Street Shakespeare's birthplace Bus and fountain Wembley stadium

This day out was preceded by a three day London trip and followed by a five day Brussels trip.

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