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Mr Monkey in Brussels, May 14

"That cactus looks a little dangerous to me"

Mr Monkey with a statue of Gaston Lagaffe and his cat Mr Monkey looking at the mural of Le Scorpion

After leaving the CBBD, Mr Monkey scampered up a set of stairs where he found a statue of Gaston Lagaffe, a character drawn by Franquin and notable for combining laziness, clumsiness and great imagination. Round the corner, Mr Monkey was challenged to a duel by Le Scorpion, famous for his big boots and frilly shirts. Not having a rapier with him, Mr Monkey ran away, in a dignified manner.

You can read all about Gaston in French at the Gaston Lagaffe site officiel and about Le Scorpion at the Le Scorpion website. In English you can read about Gaston at the Wikipedia website.

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