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Mr Monkey visits the Hoegaarden Urban Oasis

"The hint of coriander and orange is quite subtle, I think"

Mr Monkey at the Hoeagaarden bar Mr Monkey with two glasses of Hoegaarden white beer on a grassy table

Mr Monkey went into the Oasis, and got his humans a refreshing glass of cold Hoegaarden each. There were tall tables, and middle tables and tables that were on the floor. They sat down at a middle height table, and found it was a little difficult putting the glasses down, what with the table being covered in grass. Mr Monkey wondered about the cloudiness of the Hoegaarden, but it's made with unmalted wheat and is meant to look like that.

You can read about Hoegaarden at the InBev website. If it asks you to declare that you're of legal age to drink alcohol, be sure your computer is accepting cookies.

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