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Mr Monkey visits the Hoegaarden Urban Oasis

"Beanie monkeys seldom suffer stress, you know"

Mr Monkey looking at the buildings around the Oasis Mr Monkey beneath the bright red flower at his table

Mr Monkey sat under a bright red flower at his table, and thought about the reasons behind the Hoegaarden Urban Oasis. People in cities suffer from stress - 22% of all Londoners haven't experienced silence in six months, for instance - and a sight of the sea or a walk in a park are given as the two most popular things to do to reduce stress. Urbis couldn't arrange an inland ocean, but they could arrange a small park. Besides being a stress reducer, the Oasis might remind people that there aren't enough green places to relax in the centre of Manchester. Mr Monkey would like more of those.

You can read what Urbis have to say about the Oasis at the Urbis website.

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