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Mr Monkey visits the Nya Elfsborg fortress

"It's a pleasant church, apart from the being bombarded"

Mr Monkey looking at the altar in a small white-painted church Mr Monkey looking down from the upper gallery of the church

Mr Monkey found that the church was rather small, and painted a nice bright white. Unusually for a church, it had cannon in the upper storey, and a trap door in the ceiling for the gun crews to haul powder and shot through. A disadvantage of being above the ramparts and below a gun position was that people shooting at the fortress occassionally hit the church, and Mr Monkey was quite impressed by the cannon ball embedded over the main door. This came through the window during a siege, smashed the leg of a soldier who was playing cards during the service, and was stopped by the wall. Mr Monkey wondered why it had never occured to anyone to remove the cannon ball, or repair the hole it knocked in the upper gallery.

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