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Mr Monkey visits the Nya Elfsborg fortress

"It's a fine collection of bastions and ravelins"

Mr Monkey looking down from the Havsfrun bastion Mr Monkey examining guns on the Rosalind ravelin

Mr Monkey scampered, as much as he could, around the walls of the fortress. There are five arrow headed bastions, the Nordstjernan, Delfinen, Havsfrun, Valfisken and Hummern, with four ravelins, Prins Fredrich, Stenbatteriet, Rosenlund and Vedgården between them. Looking down from the Havsfrun bastion, Mr Monkey noticed that someone had left some guns on the Rosenlund ravelin. He found a tunnel in the curtain wall, and went to inspect them, but couldn't find any explanation of what they were about.

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