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Mr Monkey in Göteborg, August 10th

"Well, I think a church should have more towers, and fewer fish"

Mr Monkey outside the Fish Church Mr Monkey looking at the Feskekörka from a carpark over the canal

On his way back to his hotel, Mr Monkey visited the Feskeköka, or Fish Church. This is a fish market, and has been since it was built in 1874. It's called the Fish Church because it's supposed to look like a church. Mr Monkey wasn't convinced, but he could understand that 'Fish Tent' wouldn't sound as interesting. He had a quick look at the bronze people outside, then walked through the market. Unfortunately there were no bananas at all, but there was a lot of seafood. Mr Monkey crossed the canal by a carpark, then scampered up to his hotel, where he told his cat of the fishy feasting within the Feskeköka.

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