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Mr Monkey in Brussels, December 11th

"Well, that's illuminating, some of the time"

Animation of Mr Monkey watching the lights going on and off Mr Monkey walking down the Rue des Bouchers

On the way up St Katelijnestraat, Mr Monkey noticed that the Comptoir du Nylon, a "window gallery", seemed to be having problems with its lights. On closer inspection it turned out that they'd let Martin Creed install The Lights Going ON and OFF. This shouldn't be mistaken for the Turner Prize winning The Lights Going On and Off, which is completely different as those lights stayed on or off for five seconds, not one second. Tearing himself away from the flickering light, Mr Monkey scampered off to the Rue des Bouchers to find some food for his humans.

There's a bit about Martin Creed's work at Martin Creed's website.

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