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Mr Monkey in London, January 9th

"We haven't seen each other since we left China"

Mr Monkey and Squeeze Monkey exchanging gifts Mr Monkey and Squeeze Monkey in front of a coat of arms

Mr Monkey caught a train to London, checked into his hotel, and set out to Old Compton Street where he had someone to meet at Valeries Cafe. A little while earlier, Mr Monkey had received an email from one of his long-lost relatives, Mr Squeeze Monkey, who was now living in London with Ms Susie. Obviously they arranged to meet, and both monkeys brought their humans along. Mr Monkey knew that Ms Susie took Squeeze out on dangerous dive-boats, so he'd acquired a sou'wester* to give him for protection from the sea-spray, and Squeeze presented Mr Monkey with a coat of arms†, and then they chatted and compared humans while the humans had lunch.

You can read a bit more at the Mr Monkey's Coat of Arms page and see what Squeeze looks like wearing his souwester on dangerous seas at Squeezemonkey's Flickr site.

* Of course, he'd tricked Mr Rik into making it.
† Which he'd persuaded Ms Susie to design.

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