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Mr Monkey in London

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In January, Mr Rik had another birthday. Mr Monkey thought it would be a good idea to visit London for a couple of nights, then to take a train to Newcastle. And Mr Monkey had a secret reason of his own for visiting London, too.

Follow the links on the images below for more details of Mr Monkey's short visit to London.

A meeting of monkeys Millennium Bridge Thames at low tide Mudlarking Whiteread's Embankment Leaving the Tate Modern Thames after dark OXO tower Bazelgette's Embankment Trafalgar Square St Andrews Church Inside St Andrews Holborn Viaduct Farringdon Underground station Saffron Hill Ely Court Hatton Gardens Bleeding Heart Yard Castle and Street-Porters house Booths Gin and the Jerusalem Inn Harbour tour Barbican Highwalk Barbican Theatre 1 Barbican Theatre 2 King's Cross station

After his visit to London, Mr Monkey went to Newcastle.

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