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Mr Monkey in London, January 10th

"It can't decide if it's Gin Lane or Beer Street"

Mr Monkey looking at the Booths Gin factory Mr Monkey approaching the Jerusalem Tavern

Walking along Britton Street, Mr Monkey stopped to admire the frieze on Booths Gin Distillery. On the other side of the street, Mr Monkey studied the Jerusalem Tavern. The building was built in 1720, but the shop front dates to 1810. At this point Mr Monkey looked at Mr Rik's watch and realised he didn't have time to finish the walk and get to the Barbican in time. So he checked the map and instead of going into Clerkenwell Street, he darted down the little alley next to the Jerusalem.

You can read about the Jerusalem Tavern at the St. Peter's Brewery website.

Mr Monkey continued this walk on March 2nd.

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