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Mr Monkey in London, March 4th

"It's not gloomy, it's just a little dark"

Mr Monkey in the quire of St Bartholomew the Great Mr Monkey in the north transept of St Bartholomew the Great

Mr Monkey scampered into the church. It's roughly half of the old Priory church, the bits that didn't get knocked down when the Priory was closed down. Most of the church was built in the mid 12th century, when Rahere, jester to Henry I, founded the priory as a gesture of thanks to St Bartholomew. Mr Monkey found this church a little dark after all the Wren churches he'd been in recently. He was impressed by the arches and roof of the quire, though.

You can read about the church at the Priory Church of Saint Bartholomew the Great website.

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