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Mr Monkey in Bristol, March 19th

"Is that really a dolphin?"

Mr Monkey looking at the statue of Edward Colston Mr Monkey looking at the Bristol Cenotaph

After crossing a busy road, Mr Monkey went to look at the statue of Edward Colston. Colston was a great benefactor in Bristol, endowing almshouses, a school and a concert hall, and the statue has some plaques showing him being philanthropic. Mr Monkey's favourite was the panel that showed an event from an early venture of Colston's, when a damaged ship was saved by a young dolphin filling a hole in the hull until harbour was reached. The panels don't mention that much of Colston's money came from the slave trade. Beyond the statue of Colston, Mr Monkey saw Bristol's cenotaph.

You can read about Colston's statue at the PortCities Bristol website.

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