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Mr Monkey at Imperial War Museum North, June 15th

"It's on a stand, like a great big Airfix kit"

Mr Monkey standing behind a Harrier jump jet Mr Monkey looking at the an AV8-A Harrier

The first thing Mr Monkey noticed when he went into the main exhibition area was a Harrier jump jet floating in the air. Once he'd made sure it was switched off and wasn't dangerous, Mr Monkey was happy to run round to the front and investigate. He found out that it was a Hawker Siddeley AV8-A Harrier, built for the United States Marine Corps. The Ace of Spades badge in front of the air intake means it belongs to Marine Attack Squadron 231* also known as VMA 231.

* There's probably a reason why the Marines think VMA is an abbreviation of Marine Attack Squadron, but Mr Monkey hasn't worked it out yet.

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