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Mr Monkey visits 0161 Manchester at Urbis, July 14th

"They're really keen on visitors adding things to this exhibition"

Mr Monkey looking at a pair of Manchester poems Mr Monkey looking at a colourful selection of spices and fabrics

Mr Monkey looked at a pair of poems, one by Pete Kalu and one by Mike Duff, from a distance, then went closer to see the additions the visitors had made with the pens left out for them. He couldn't remember any other exhibition where he'd been allowed to write on the walls. Mr Monkey examined fabrics and spices that had been imported into Manchester in the Market Place, and ran out into the night to find a restaurant. His humans were complaining that all they'd had to eat was half a strawberry each. And then it was time to go home.

Read the text of the poems Manchester and in the rain.

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