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Mr Monkey visits 0161 Manchester at Urbis, July 14th

Manchester : Pete Kalu

Fire stokers, bridge builders,
ball jugglers, weavers, tunnellers,
atom chasers, guitar thrashers,
cyber geeks, sausage sizzlers,
peaceniks, heretics, rebels,
refugees, carnivalists,
miserablists, swindlers,
poisoners, punks, poets,
centurions, slave barons,
divas, Destroyers,
rocket scientists, revolutionaries

all live/d here.

You can read all about the poet at the Pete Kalu website.

in the rain : Mike Duff

i don't care if you're black,
chinese white or tan
don't care if you're old,
gay, a woman or man
you can sit down next to me
if you're mancunian

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