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Mr Monkey in Ostende, August 25th

"I wonder if I could paint my house orange?"

Mr Monkey outside the PMMK Mr Monkey walking down Leon Spilliaertstraat

Mr Monkey scampered through the streets of Ostende until he found the Museum voor Moderne Kunst, the PMMK. He went in to see the Beaufort Inside exhibition, where the artists contributing to Beaufort 2006 were allowed to keep things out of the weather, and Mr Monkey wasn't allowed to take pictures. When he'd had his fill, Mr Monkey set off down Leon Spilliaertstraat, where he was pleased to see that one person knew what colour houses should be.

You can read about the museum at the PMMK website (Dutch and French only at the moment) and about Beaufort 2006 at the Beaufort 2006 website (language selectors at the bottom of the page).

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